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 1. Crucibles, Alumina

Without Cover
      Brand Description
    Local, China
Alumina crucible is used for testing laboratory and a variety of industrial analysis. Alumina ceramic crucible and corundum crucible include: arc alumina crucible, square alumina crucible, rectangle alumina ceramic crucible, column ceramic crucible and a variety of shaped alumina ceramic crucible. All crucibles are available in many sizes and shapes.

With Cover
      Brand Description
    Local, China
One high purity Alumina cylindrical crucible with cover.
Dimension: 30 x 50 x 48 mm
Capacity:50 mL

 2. Crucibles, Filter

      Brand Description
    Local, China
30 ml ( 30 mm x 45 mm) Porosity-1
30 ml ( 30 mm x 45 mm) Porosity-2
30 ml ( 30 mm x 45 mm) Porosity-3
30 ml ( 30 mm x 45 mm) Porosity-4

 3. Crucibles, Gooch

      Brand Description    
    Nice, China
35 ml, 40 mm x 43 mm

 4. Mortar

With Pestle
      Brand Description
    Local, China
OD/ID: 60/48 mm, 35mm
OD/ID: 80/65 mm, 40mm
OD/ID: 100/80 mm, 48mm
OD/ID: 130/100 mm, 60mm
OD/ID: 165/140 mm, 75mm
OD/ID: 220/190 mm, 90mm



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